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Feb 7-8 Mats Hjelm & Kent T, FRESH from Japan seminar

Seminar DVD available on Budoshop.se

Seminar DVD is available on budoshop.se

Mats and Kent will attend the first trainings at the Honbu dojo in January 2009 with Hatsumi Soke and the Shihan. This seminar will be a good opportunity to catch up with this years Bujinkan theme.

Mats has been training Bujinkan for 25 years, this will be his 20’th training trip to Japan. For more information about him, see his web site and bio at http://www.kesshi.com/kabuto.php, Kent has been training Bujinkan  20 years.

For more information about this DVD on Budoshop.SE

1 kommentar till “Feb 7-8 Mats Hjelm & Kent T, FRESH from Japan seminar”

  1. First of all I want say big thanks to Mats and Kent for a great
    seminar! Keep going guys, your tandem is ok!
    For me it was one of the best seminar ever (maybe the best).
    First feeling after this seminar was – I must change color
    of my belt ;).
    In seminar we do a lot “feeling” exercises.
    Things between trainings also was great. We was in Japanese theater
    exhibition. There was costumes from kabuki, no and bunraku.
    In “Prists hands” I meet “Clumsy Linda”, and she also was ok.
    See You guys next time!

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