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Powers of the Sixth Sense

There is many books about self defence out on the market, most of these books deals only with physical techniques. How to defend against a punch, kick, knife or any kind of weapon. How to use ordinary things as a weapon, keys, pens, hairspray etc. Gauge the keys into the opponents eyes, kick him in the groin and run like hell kind of books. This is what we call the Tiger aspect of self defence that only deals with things that can be seen.

What most books don’t even scratch the surface of is the Dragon aspect of self defence, the things that can not be seen, things that can not be touched and even understood. Responding to someone’s intentions, listening to your inner self that try to protect you. Both aspects was well known to the warriors in the old, very few self defence classes deals with both aspects today.

Most Martial Arts instructors tells you that the best self defence is not to fight at all, but few really understand what this _really_ means. This book is one of the very few that explains with examples how the author used his “sixth sense” for self defence that saved his and other people’s lives. It also gives many practical self defence lessons of what you can do to prepare yourself before anything happens. But the core essence is to awaken your inner guide or voice that will warn you in good time before you need to resort to violence. When you read this book with an open mind the seed has been planted, it is up to you what you do with it. I highly recommend this book to all my students.

Mats Hjelm, Shihan Bujinkan Kaigozan dojo

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